The Washington Nationals are set to take on the Boston Red Sox in an exciting matchup at Fenway Park on May 11, 2024, beginning at 4:10 PM. The forecast predicts scattered clouds, potentially influencing game conditions. Jake Irvin will be pitching for the Nationals, holding an ERA of 3.724, while Cooper Criswell will take the mound for the Red Sox, boasting an impressive ERA of 1.742.\n\nIn the 2024 season standings, the Nationals currently sit 7th in the NL East with a 19-18 record, showing a fair performance across recent games with six wins in their last ten outings and maintaining a slight edge during day games. Conversely, the Red Sox position themselves 9th in the AL East with an equal 19-19 record but have struggled recently, evident from their three-game losing streak.\n\nTurning to the betting odds for this matchup, the point spread is set at -1.5, with an over/under of 8.5, indicating expectations for a moderately high-scoring game. Those looking to bet on the game will find the home team Red Sox favored with a money line of -162, reflecting their advantage on the mound, while the away team Nationals stand at +135, likely attributed to their recent form and the matchup on the pitcher’s mound. These odds provide insights into expected game dynamics and should be considered by fans and bettors making predictions.